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Por: czxKzjvCxMIDqH
AGAIN!!! when i open a link in a new tab, switch to it imadmietely. WHY?! it's so annoying, FIX IT please, the system of 2.x version is better.STILL has a 404 error when trying to access the additional themes through the options.AND when I drag a tab to make a new window or into to another window. I can not see the thumbnail of window when I'm dragging... in previous versions of Google Chrome I can see the thumbnail of tabs. Not a big problem, but can be fixed.Google Chrome is already faster, but if I had the AdBlock Plus extension that blocks those advertisements from pages, my browsing and loading of page would be even more FASTER!.Place an alternative for users who always want to browse in private mode. Start the Google Chrome already in private mode, Perhaps may put this option in the same way that is used to always show bookmarks bar. To avoid that all time when finished the navigation, click in clear browsing data. I do not know is just an idea.thanks!

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