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Por: nZWnBXCdb
Merci pour ce billet et l adersse du site, c est pas encore e9vident de trouver de bonnes sources sur ce sujet. Il y a plein de choses e0 faire avec le CSS3
Por: vlBUNyZRlGAq
So to help the process along, all the major <a href="">brrsweos</a> (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, even IE) support these advanced properties, but they use their own method of syntax. Right now, there is still no standard way of doing things that has been approved on, but due to the overwhelming usage of Chrome's methodology for supporting these properties, many vendors are considering just adding support for Chromes prefix (-webkit-). This has caused quite a stir in the web design community.
Por: reLWIQc99YfN
Emmett is definitely a time saver. Even if you only ever learn the CSS secloter syntax (which you probably already know), you can save a lot of time writing HTML. Being able to type div.nav>ul>li*5>a and hit tab is so useful. If you never learn anything past that (like me), oh well. It's also very easy to wrap existing content in tags (highlight something, ctrl+option+enter, type secloter, enter), which comes in handy if you have to transfer copy from another source into HTML by hand. [url=]sdrkan[/url] [link=]wknfxf[/link]
Por: lwLJ4gQgL9
In Chromium 28.0.1500.20, your example<a href=""> etihbixs</a> a bug. To reproduce:1. Click inside the circle. It moves to the right.2. Click inside the circle. It stays where it is, but (for consistency with the above) I would expect it to move to the left. It does move to the left if I click inside the body of the switch, but outside the circle.Another bug, in the same browser.1. Using Ctrl++, set the page zoom to 150%.2. Toggle the switch. It animates. While the circle moves, the Tea label jitters from left to right by approx. 1px. It should, instead, stay firmly in its place.
Por: UDhyDc6r
This is awesome. It's great that these sorts of ietirnsteng things can happen, with JS, with images, etc., and with good semantic HTML. I'm running Firefox 21.0 (Ubuntu 1.0), and I can report that the first bug Alexander mentions also exists in this browser. It's not a big deal, but does exist. (Oh and I notice you are running WordPress, did I miss a post about how you decided to use it?) [url=]opqvoqdaz[/url] [link=]gxqcqfslxzh[/link]

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